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December 3, 2018

The Prodigal Son

One of the most satisfying sales is to a prodigal son – the return of a customer. We all think we’re trying to be clever by trying to find alternatives that could possibly be better. We experiment and take calculated risks in the hope to get a better result. We forget, or don’t trust, that specialists do this for a living in order to confidently say ‘this is the best’. The question we get a lot is why use Keyed Alike (KA)? And then, why choose our Keyed Alike? Two concepts: Keyed different: means that you will need to tag […]
August 24, 2018

The New Us

Welcome to our new website! We have made some changes as you would have seen. In further we will use this space to: try to capture some of the pressing issues that businesses are faced with when deciding what to do to prevent asset loss; what can be secured effectively and and what not; how to decide what a good value for money solution could look like; and, a few interesting market trends we pick up along the way. For now we can say that our website is safer, better, more secure and faster than before. A few new products […]